April 16, 2013

Aircraft Hangar: A Guide to Choosing the Right Supplier

Right Supplier for Aircraft Hangar
Spacecrafts or aircrafts are the most valuable possession of any high-standard aviation industry from around the globe. Many aircraft owners are looking for the easiest alternative to build hangars or housing enclosure for their aircrafts. When they are on the rush, they may tend to choose fabric structures than the conventional hangars we see in the market. Fabric structures can be built in one day or two, cutting some costs and expenses, as well as decreasing the number of workforce. Aside from beating the deadline, fabric buildings also help save more money, time and effort.

Apart from thinking for the easiest way to speed up construction process, another factor that should be considered is finding the right manufacturer or supplier of Aircraft hangars. Sprung fabric structures have been making a name around for 120 years in building quality, flexible and mobile fabric structures. The Sprung's Aircraft Hangars has been used as the hangars of the space shuttles of NASA in 1980s. From then, it has gained popularity from over the world after NASA tendered their trust on Sprung's structures. But, how will you choose the right supplier for your own hangar?

The following are the few guidelines that help you make an informed decision.
  1. How many years they have been in the business?
    The length of experience is very important. It entails unshakeable expertise, from learning right from the mistakes and in making up those mistakes to become a perfect one. If the company you are choosing has been in the business for years, it is easier for you to assure yourself of their expertise in the field. You can also evaluate their work through finding some reviews or any piece of their work from their website. Their previous clients might also help you in providing right answers to your questions.

  2. Do they provide the products you want?
    You must understand that you have your own need. And, you want it to be unique. You can order a standard hangar or custom one from the manufacturer. Whichever you may choose, it is certain that you have your own specifications on the structure. You have to make sure that the manufacturer could provide the products you need. And also, if you are looking at aircraft hangars for sale, you need to pay attention to the details such as size, shape, design, accessories and components of the structure before buying it.

    Right Supplier for Aircraft Hangar
  3. What kind of materials they use for the hangars?
    Steel is the most preferred one. Aircraft hangars can be made of different materials. But many aircraft owners choose steel for a number of different reasons. The most famous of all is the safety and security of the steel hangars to their valued aircrafts. Other reasons for choosing steel over other materials are their ability to resist fire and rot, and its strength and durability to stand against bad weather conditions. Steel structures are also low maintenance. To evaluate the manufacturer steel creations, make sure that they use sturdy and thick recyclable steels for the walls and roofs of the hangar.

  4. Are their products meet the Aviation Industry standards?
    The aviation industry has its own standard when it comes to the protective structures that may house aircrafts. The rules that manufacturers must adhere to should be in accord to the local or national rules and standards of hangar building. You have to make sure that the company you are choosing has hangars that are at par with the required standards of aviation industry.
The above are some of the few reminders in choosing the right manufacturer. Another important reminder for you to look at to is your budget. Since fabric structures are very cost effective, it is still important to determine your limits. Not only in money, but also in time.


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